Senior Landscape Architect

Barry Murphy is a senior landscape architect and project manager who manages a large portfolio of RKLA clients, including some of the country’s top land developers and corporations. His approachable demeanour and dedication to meeting client needs are traits that have secured him a leading role in the design team for a multitude of significant projects. Having joined RKLA in 1985, Barry’s portfolio includes some of Ontario’s largest private sector and municipal developments, ranging from commercial plazas and hospitals to residential subdivisions and urban streetscapes.

As an architect, Barry’s creative, hands-on approach to developing landscape solutions while responding to client demands has enabled RKLA to retain a large and loyal clientele.

As a skilled project manager, Barry’s ability to satisfy the rigorous standards imposed by the wide variety of regulatory agencies, as well as clients’ limited budgets and tight time lines, has culminated in design teams that pride themselves on creating successful projects that are functional, sustainable and aesthetically appealing.