Whether we are designing for one of North America’s most prestigious homes or a Fortune 100 multinational corporation, at Ron Koudys Landscape Architects, our approach to design is based on these standards of performance excellence:

Personalized service. Planning, design, research, analysis, contract administration. As a boutique firm, we provide a wide range of services, but with a personal touch. Our experts take a collaborative approach to design that marries a client’s creative vision with a site’s natural offerings and a commitment to detail.

Sustainability. We believe in making practical decisions that not only are right for landscape design, but are good for the planet. Committed to energy efficiency, our pioneering designs range from native landscaping plant selection that requires minimal water to creating retention ponds that irrigate gardens while reducing water consumption. Our excellence in environmental design has earned RKLA awards including the National Post Design Effectiveness Award, the Ontario Renews Award and many urban design awards from municipalities across Canada.

Innovation. Innovation is the cornerstone of today’s finest landscape architectural designs. We devote time and energy to working with suppliers and researching the latest technologies, plants and products, and weaving them into our architectural designs.  As a result, our work is as much a testament to cutting-edge technology as it is to design creativity.

Effectiveness. Our seasoned professionals know how to get the job done. From start to finish, we oversee every aspect of a design’s development, including land assessment, planning, and management. Whether it’s obtaining buy-in from stakeholders, managing contractors, liaising with developers, routing government approvals, or working within nature’s limitations, we complete projects so that they meet a client’s timeline, budget and vision.

Community. In addition to reshaping the open spaces in our communities, we live, breathe and inhabit them. From working on residential community projects to participating in charitable organizations, RKLA cares about the value it delivers as both leading landscape architects and proud members of the community.